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Guidelines on the Use of the RCA Logo

When using the RCA logo together with the IAEA logo in official documents, placards, posters and on other formal occasions related to IAEA/RCA activities, particularly in the publications, the IAEA logo shall be located at the left hand side, with the RCA logo at the right hand side. In such case, both logos do not necessarily need to be accompanied by acronyms like IAEA and RCA.


When using the RCA logo in documents such as agendas, reports of policy meetings, coordinators meetings, and other official occasions that have already been approved by the National RCA Representatives, it shall be located in the top center of the documents or any other materials.

Generally, the color of the RCA logo shall be cobalt blue. However, this does not apply when printing black and white. Suggested color number of the logo is RGB: 003366 for web use.

When there is a need to use the acronym RCA with the logo, it is suggested that the lettering of 'RCA' be located below the logo. Generally, gothic font (e.g. Arial) is suggested. The proportion between the logo and the lettering is suggested as follows.

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Gothic font example