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    • 2017
      • The 2017 RCA entered into force (11 June 2017)
      • The IAEA and RCARO signed the Practical Arrangements in the performance of secretariat duties under the 2017 RCA (14 September 2017)
    • 2012
      • The 8th Extension of the RCA Agreement
      • The 40th Anniversary of the RCA
    • 2005
      • RCA adopted a Resolution that confirms the Director of the RCARO has the authority to act on behalf of the RCA in order to fulfill its mandate given by the RCA Member States as set out in the RCA Guidelines and Operating Rules.
      • The Director of RCARO was appointed by the 27th NRM in Malaysia for a 3-year fixed term.
    • 2002
      • 27 MarchRCA Regional Office established (in Daejeon, Korea)
      • 12 June30th Anniversary of RCA
    • 1997
      • OctoberOwnership by the Member States initiated - a set of RCA Guidelines and Operating Rules adopted.
    • 1987
      • First administered by the Technical Cooperation Department (IAEA)
      • First revision of RCA Agreement
    • 1979
      • 15-19 October
        • First Working Group Meeting in Tokyo, Japan 9 Countries participated (Australia, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand)
        • First time a Chairperson was elected from Member States (DDG-RI chaired the meetings before)
    • 1973
      • NovemberFirst Regional Cooperative Project starts (Preservation of Fish and Fishery Products using Nuclear Techniques)
      • SeptemberFirst RCA Meeting at IAEA headquarters in Vienna (6 Countries participated - India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Viet Nam 6 Observers - Australia, Bangladesh, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand)
    • 1972
      • 12 June
        • Establishment of the RCA
        • First Regional Cooperative Agreement under the aegis of the IAEA (On 11 June 2017, the 2017 RCA entered into force and is presently in effect.)
    • SINCE 1972
Government Parties of the RCA
Government Parties Year Joined the RCA Coordinating National Agency
Australia 1977 Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization (ANSTO)
Bangladesh 1974 Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC)
China 1977 China Atomic Energy Authority (CAEA)
India 1972 Department of Atomic Energy (DAE)
Indonesia 1972 National Nuclear Energy Agency(BATAN)
Japan 1978 Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
Korea, Rep. of 1974 Ministry of Science and Technology(MOST)
Malaysia 1975 Malaysian Institute for Nuclear Technology Research(MINT)
Mongolia 1992 Nuclear Energy Commission (MNEC)
Myanmar 1997 Dept. of Atomic Energy (DAE), MOST
New Zealand 1994 Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences(GNS)
Pakistan 1974 Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission(PAEC)
Philippines 1972 Philippine Nuclear Research Institute(PNRI)
Singapore 1972 National Environment Agency(NEA), Ministry of Environment(ENV)
Sri Lanka 1976 Atomic Energy Authority(AEA)
Thailand 1972 Office of Atoms for Peace(OAP)
Viet Nam 1972 Vietnam Atomic Energy Commission(VAEC)
Nepal 2012 Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology
Palau 2013 Ministry of State
Cambodia 2014 Ministry of Mines and Energy
Laos 2015 Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST)
Fiji 2015 Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
The RCA Government Parties and Year Joining RCA
Year Location Title Remarks
1979 Tokyo, Japan 1st WGM Japan pioneered the hosting.
1980 Manila, Philippines 2nd WGM
1981 Jakarta, Indonesia 3rd WGM
1982 KL, Malaysia 4th WGM RCA Agreement extended - 2
1983 Dhaka, Bangladesh 5th WGM
1984 New Delhi, India 6th WGM
1985 Lahore, Pakistan 7th WGM
1986 Seoul, Korea 8th WGM (At Korea Cancer Center Hospital)
1987 Colombo, Sri Lanka 9th WGM RCA Agreement revised and extended - 3
1988 Beijing, China 10th WGM
1989 Sydney, Australia 11th WGM
1989 Sydney, Australia 11th WGM
1990 Bangkok, Thailand 12nd WGM
1991 Hanoi, Viet Nam 13nd WGM
1992 Tokyo, Japan 14th WGM RCA Agreement extended - 4
1993 Manila, Philippines 15th WGM
1994 Bali, Indonesia 16th WGM
1995 KL, Malaysia 17th WGM
1996 Beijing, China 18th WGM (China accepted the hosting in lieu of Bangladesh)
1997 Yangon, Myanmar 19th WGM 25th RCA Anniversary. RCA Agreement extended -5
1998 Taupo, New Zealand 20th NRM (Title of RCA meeting changed)
1999 Taupo, New Zealand 21st NRM
2000 Mumbai, India 22nd NRM Korea offered the hosting of RCA Regional Office
2001 Dhaka, Bangladesh 23rd NRM
2002 Seoul/Daejeon, Korea 24th NRM

RCA Agreement extended -6

30th RCA AnniversaryRCA Regional Office opened

2003 Colombo, Sri Lanka 25th NRM
2004 Islamabad, Pakistan 26th NRM
2005 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 27th NRM
2006 Bangkok, Thailand 28th NRM
2007 Sydney, Australia 29th NRM RCA Agreement extended - 7
2008 Hanoi, Vietnam 30th NRM
2009 Tyoko, Japan 31st NRM
2010 Manila, Philippines 32st NRM
2011 Bali, Indonesia 33st NRM
2012 Beijing, China 34st NRM RCA Agreement extended - 40th RCA Anniversary 10th Anniversary of the RCA Regional Office
2013 Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar 35th NRM
2014 Wellington, New Zealand 36th NRM
2015 Islamabad, Pakistan 37th NRM
2016 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 38th NRM

Cox's Bazar, Chittagong, Bangladesh

39th NRM The 2017 RCA entered into force
2018 Busan, Republic of Korea 40th NRM

Colombo, Sri Lanka

41st NRM

Malaysia (Virtual Event)

42nd NRM

Thailand (Virtual Event)

43rd NRM

Viet Nam (Virtual Event)

44th NRM

* Along with the NRM, RCA General Conference Meeting (GCM) has been held annually since 1972 in Vienna in conjunction with the IAEA GC.

The RCA Government Parties and Year Joining RCA
Year Name Agency Office
1 1972 - 1975 David Richman Dept. of RI
2 1975 - 1980 Emil Eugene Fowler
3 1980 - 1983 Masatoshi Kobayashi
4 1983 - 1986 Sueo Machi
5 1986 - Apr. 1990 Peter Airey Dept. of TC
6 Aug. 1990 - Nov. 1995 John F. Easey
7 Nov. 1995 - Mar. 1996 Javad Aslam (Acting)
8 Mar.- Jul. 1996 M. N. Razley (Acting)
9 Jul. 1996 - Jun. 1997 K. Yanagisawa
10 Jun. - Nov. 1997 P M. Barretto(Acting)
11 Nov. 1997 - Jan. 2003 Carlito R. Aleta
12 Nov. 1997 - Jan. 2003 M. N. Razley (Acting)
13 Jun. 2003 – Dec. 2010 Mr. Prinath Dias Retitled as [RCA Focal Person] since Mar. 2006
14 Dec. 2010 – Oct. 2013 Mr. Kesrat Sukasam
15 Nov. 2013 - Present Mr Sinh Van Hoang