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What's RCARO

  • RCA Regional Office (RCARO) was established in Daejeon, Republic of Korea in 2002 to contribute to increasing RCA Visibility and RCA Viability through the specific roles and responsibilities as below;
  • Pro-actively seek out opportunities for the RCA to participate in projects being funded by major regional and international donors, including international agencies;
  • Negotiate and secure funding for RCA projects;
  • Promote the peaceful uses of nuclear technology to assist in addressing regional and national needs;
  • Provide enhanced visibility for the RCA at regional and national forums, and
  • Implement the directives of the RCA Member States as agreed upon at the Meetings of National RCA Representatives.
  • Provide Member States with reference to the RCA archived records on the projects, meeting proceedings, guidelines and procedures for undertaking the RCA activities as a repository of knowledge on the RCA programme

>> Establishment of RCA Regional Office (27 March 2002, Korea)

>> The IAEA and RCARO signed the Practical Arrangements in the performance of secretariat duties
under the 2017 RCA (14 September 2017, IAEA headquarters).