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RCA Lead Country Coordinators' Meeting 4-8 August 2003 at IAEA, Vienna 2005-06 Project Proposals to be Reviewed






In order to review and finalize IAEA/RCA 2005-06 projects proposals, the Lead Country Coordinators' Meeting will be held in 4-8 August at IAEA in Vienna. At the meeting, the proposals for 2005-06 cycle that have been received, reviewed and compiled by each Lead Country Coordinator on behalf of the participating countries will be again reviewed with the IAEA related staff members based on budgetary, strategic and ownership increasing aspects. (As of 19 June 03)

It is noted that at the 25th National RCA Representatives Meeting in Colombo, Sri Lanka last May requested the Lead Country Coordinators (LCCs) to review project proposals received, including in-going projects, for the purpose of continuing or extending them to 2005-06 cycle.

Lead Country Coordinators by Thematic Sectors are: Mr. Wang Xun-quing (China, Agriculture), Dr. Takashi Nakano (Japan, Health), Mr. Andreas Markwitz (New Zealand, Environment), Mr. Gursharan Singh (India, Industry), Mr. Man-ki Lee (Korea, Energy), Mr. Byung-Jin Jun (Korea, Research Reactor), Mr. David Woods (Australia, Radiation Protection), and Mr. Amin bin Salleh (Malaysia, Electronic Networking and Outreach). Whether to include Radioactive Waste Management (unused sealed sources) project in the 2005-06 cycle could also be considered at the LCCs meeting.

For further information, P.Dias@iaea.org or C.Segura@iaea.org


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