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Regional Resource Unit (RRU) DB Consultative Meeting Rescheduled to 19-22 August 2003, Daejeon, Korea To Review System Data Structures and Functions






The IAEA/RCA Project Consultative Meeting on Development of Regional Resource Unit (RRU) Database will be held in 19-22 August 2003 at the International Nuclear Training & Education Center (INTEC) of the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) in Daejeon, Korea. Originally, it was planned to have the meeting in 1-4 July 2003 at the same venue. However, due to unexpected epidemic situation in the region, it was postponed. (As of 19 June 03)

The main purpose of the meeting is to finalize the implementation of the RRU Database with completed data, especially 1) complete the initial data entry to the RRU database and review the functionality of the system, and 2) agreement on how the RRU database will be maintained in the future, 3) plan for the further development of the RRU database, for the promotion of the use of the database and relation to similar database in other region. How the RCARO homepage can contribute to the RRU Database system will be another item for consideration. For further information, write to M.Kemppainen@iaea.org or hanyoung@kaeri.re.kr.


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