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IAEA Reiterated Need to Reflect Current Requirements of the World When Requesting the Agency's Technical Cooperation Programmes Also Urges to Apply the Central Criterion set by the Agency






The IAEA reiterated the need to reflect current world's views on sustainable development and also on the improvement of quality of life of the population such as the WSSD Statement, the Millennium Declaration and so on when the Member States select, formulate and design new technical cooperation proposals for requesting the Agency's support.

Dr. M.N. Razley, Section Head, East Asia and the Pacific, Department of Technical Cooperation of the Agency emphasized the necessity of applying the Agency's central criterion when formulating new project proposals. He conveyed a message on behalf of the Agency at the Regional Workshop related to the designing technical cooperation programmes that was held in 21-24 July 2003 at the International Nuclear Education and Training Center (INTEC) of the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI), Daejeon, Korea.

In the Regional Workshop, more than 50 national experts andliaisonofficers from the Member States responsible for IAEA TC programmes and RCA Lead Country Coordinators participated and had group activities for practicing selection, formulation and design of Central Criterion.
Following is Dr. M.N. Razley's message delivered at the opening of the Regional Workshop.


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