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Regional Workshop on National Planning, Selection and Desgining of IAEA Technical Cooperation (TC) Projects 21-24 July 2003, KAERI (INTEC), Korea 50 Participants from IAEA Member States in the Region






More than 50 IAEA-TC related experts from Member States in Asia and the Pacific region met together at the IAEA Regional Workshop on National Planning, Selection and Designing of IAEA Technical Cooperation Projects held in 21-24 July 2003 at International Nuclear Training and Education Center (INTEC) of Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI), Korea. The basic purpose of the Workshop is to encourage Member States to manage the IAEA technical cooperation projects more appropriately and adequately.

At the Workshop, Mr. M. N. Razley, Section Head, East Asia and the Pacific Section, IAEA, explained IAEA TC strategy, model project criteria, and also other administrative requirements to the in-charge persons of IAEA TC projects from the Member States in order to increase better awareness of the IAEA TC philosophy. The IAEA has been highly requested the Member States to reflect the Agency's TC criteria when applying technical cooperation projects. Mr. Razley also presented RCA Lead Country Concept. Mr. Reyad Kamel of East Asia and the Pacific Section of the Agency explained thematic planning, national and regional TC project cycle including appraisal cycle, criteria for selection and rejection of new requests.

Two international experts were invited to give presentations. Mr. Peter Roberts (New Zealand) presented on the sustainability of national projects. Ms. Ainul Hayati (Malaysia) gave presentations on national selection of new requests and project framework matrix.

The RCARO presented the Office's past and future activities. The RCARO particularly highlighted its view on the RCA management and suggestions for future cycle projects. The RCARO also presented its information flow activities through demonstrating RCARO homepage. It is noted that at this National Planning Workshop, the RCA Lead Country Coordinators (LCCs) were invited to join. Their participation will promote understanding about national and regional programmes while seek symbiotic cooperation.

The Workshop participants presented their Country Project Profiles and practiced to formulate new requests in several groups. RCA LCCs also joined in the group discussion. The Workshop was a case that IAEA national project persons and RCA LCCs convened together for the first time for enhanced IAEA project management and to pursue better coordination.


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