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Statistics of RCA Activities (1997-2002) Shows 300 RCA Events Hosted by Member States Average 60 Events per Year






The IAEA recently disclosed statistics of RCA activities in the past 5 years; 1997-2002. According to the statistics, nearly 300 RCA events have been hosted by the Member States thus making an average of 60 RCA events per year held in the Region. It is noted that the number of the RCA events hosted by the Member States has been gradually increased. It is also noted that a total of 11 RCA events were held at IAEA (Vienna) in the past 5 years while 2 events were held outside the Region.
As to the annual number of the RCA events held in the Region, 28 events in 1997, 44 events in 1998, 59 events in 1999, 64 events in 2000, 57 events in 2001 and again 57 events in 2002, respectively. Among the total 296 events in the past 5 years, 125 were expert meetings while 171 were training courses. This meant that the annual average number of RCA related expert meetings were 25 and training courses were 34.

As to the host Member States, the most frequently hosted country was Korea (total 34 events) followed by China and Malaysia (each 29 events), India (28 events), the Philippines and Thailand (each 22 events), Singapore (19 events), Australia (17 events), Viet Nam and Pakistan (each 13 events), Japan (11 events), Bangladesh (6 events), New Zealand and Sri Lanka (each 5 events) and Myanmar
(1 event), respectively.


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