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2017 Regional Training Workshop Announcement






2017 RCARO/KAERI Introductory Workshop on
Radiation Technology and its Applications

Title : 2017 RCARO/KAERI Introductory Workshop on Radiation Technology and its Applications
Place : Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI), Daejeon, Republic of Korea
Date : 23 October to 3 November, 2017
Deadline for Nominations : 25 August 2017
Organizers : RCA Regional Office (RCARO) in cooperation with Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI)
Course Organizers : Mr JinKyu LIM
Head of Administration Division
RCA Regional Office
Tel: +82 42 868 4905
E-mail: jklim@rcaro.org

Dr Hyun-Pa SONG
Nuclear Training & Education Center
Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
Tel: +82 42 868 2691
E-mail: hpsong@kaeri.re.kr
Language : The language of instruction will be English
Participation: The training course is open to 15-20 participants from RCA Government Parties.
Each Government Party will be able to nominate up to two candidates.
Purpose of the Course : The purpose of the workshop is to introduce the technical and practical knowledge on radiation technology and its applications
Scope : The workshop will include lectures by recognized experts from related institutes in Korea in the areas of radiation policy & safety, research reactor technology, and radiation applications in agriculture, human health, industry and medicine.

The workshop will also be a benchmarking opportunity, providing a forum for the participants to discuss their national practices and to exchange their experience related to the subjects covered.

During the workshop, participants are requested to present a report on the country status of radiation applications. One country report per one participating country should be submitted (individually or as a group) via email (hpsong@kaeri.re.kr) by 10 October, 2017. The report should include information on radiation policy, radiation applications per sector (agriculture, human health, industry and medicine) and any other relevant issues.
Participants’ qualifications
experience :
Participants should be technical or managerial professionals directly involved in the field of radiation application technology in government authorities, R&D institutes, and regulatory bodies with maximum of 5 years relevant experience in the field. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience is required.

Participants should have sufficient proficiency in English to follow lectures without difficulty.
Application Procedure : Completed application forms should be endorsed and approved by the National RCA Representatives and be received at the below address no later than 25 August 2017.

Ms Juhyun LIM
Project Officer
RCA Regional Office
111, Daedeok-Daero 989 Beon-Gil, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, 34057
Republic of Korea
Tel: +82 42 868 2777
Fax: 82 42 864 1626
E-mail: Julie@rcaro.org

Nominations received after this date or applications which have not been endorsed by the National RCA Representatives cannot be considered.
Administrative and Financial Arrangements : During the workshop, RCARO will provide the participants with a stipend sufficient to cover the cost of their accommodation, food and minor incidental expenses. RCARO will also provide the participants with a round-trip air ticket, economy class, from their home countries to Incheon, Korea and return.

Participants will be provided with standard travel insurance. However, the organizers of the workshop do not accept liability for the payment of any cost or compensation that may arise from damage to or loss of personal property, or from illness, injury, disability or death of a participant while he/she is travelling to and from or attending the workshop and it is clearly understood that each Government, in nominating participants, undertakes responsibility for such coverage. Governments would be well advised to take out insurance against these risks.

2017 RCARO/KAERI Introductory Workshop on
Radiation Technology and its Applications

23 October to 3 November 2017, Daejeon, Korea

1 Introduction
1.1 Introduction to RCARO
1.2 Status of Radiation Industries in Korea

2 Radiation Policy & Safety
2.1 Nuclear Radiation Application Policy in Korea
2.2 International and National Framework for Radiation Protection and Safety
2.3 Regulatory Control
2.4 Radiation Protection in Radiation Installations

3 Research Reactor Technology
3.1 Overview of Research reactor ‘HANARO’
3.2 Introduction to new Research Reactor Project in Korea
3.3 Radioisotope Production and application
3.4 Neutron Instrument Development
3.5 Neutron Beam Application
3.6 Use of Neutron Irradiation Technology

4 Radiation Technology and its Applications

4.1 Non-Destructive Testing

4.2 Linear Accelerators
4.3 Medical Applications of Radiation: from Radiation Oncologist’s Perspective
4.4 Research Activities of National Radiation Emergency Medical Center
4.5 Radiation Biotechnology
4.6 Radiation Technology Application for Agriculture
4.7 Drug Evaluation and its Application
4.8 Cyclotron and its Application
4.9 Radiation Application for Environmental Conservation
4.10 Radiation Processing for Polymeric Materials and its Industrial Applications
4.11 Electron Beam Application

5 Other Activities (Technical Tour, Culture Tour, and Country Reports)
KAERI(HANARO, RI production Fac., Cyclotron center, nano-ptl’s fab, Co-60, RI-biomics center, Radiation Breeding center)
KIRAMS(Cyberknife, PET center), Jeonju Hanok Village, Gyeongbokgung Palace, SAMSUNG digital city


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