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2017 RCARO Fellowship Programme
Name : rcaro | Date : 2016.12.19 09:54 | Views : 1421

Dear National RCA Representatives,


In reference to the 2017 RCARO Fellowship Programme, I’m pleased to announce that the Programme is now open for accepting applications from the RCA Government Parties.


The Programme is to provide the fellows of the Government Parties with the opportunity to experience the activities of the RCA and RCARO and further to contribute to sustainable development of the RCA.


In this regard, we ask you to nominate one or two appropriate candidates for the programme. Attached are the Terms and Conditions of the RCARO Fellowship Programme and Application Form, which are also available on the RCA website (http://rcaro.org/opp_s/articles/view/tableid/opp_s/id/2844).


I would appreciate it if you could send us the duly completed Application Form preferably by 13th January 2017.


Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.


Best regards, 

Hai Joo Moon


RCA Regional Office

IP : 147.43.170.***
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Mr Dinesh Humagain,Assistant Forest Officer,Ministry of Science and Technology,Nepal,has joined the RCA Regional Office as a participant of the RCARO Fellowship Programmefrom 21 March to 16 June 2017. He can be contacted at : dinesh@rcaro.org
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