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(26 Feb. 04) RCARO will equip with an independent new Webserver. Installation of the RCARO website (www.rcaro.org) to the new Webserver will take place from 7:00 pm, 27 Feb. 04 (Friday) for a few hours.
(25 Feb. 04) Mr. Kim, Jin-Kyoung, Director, RCARO recognized the completion of an RCARO Post-doc fellow from Myanmar, Dr Moe Phlu Hlang by presenting a certificate. Dr Hlang has been with KAERI's NAA group for 6 months.
(25 Feb. 04) The Philippines recently joined RCARO Advisory Committee as a new member replacing Bangladesh.Currently, the RCARO AC consists of Australia, China, India, the Philippines, Korea and the IAEA (RCA Coordinator).
(23 Feb. 04) RCARO expressed appreciation to Prof. Naiyyum Choudhury, ex-Chairman of Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC) upon his retirement. Prof. N. Choudhury has served as the Chair of the RCARO AC for two years since its inception.
(20 Feb 04) Need to re-design RCA Logo was elevated at 25th RCA NRM. 32nd RCA GCM requested MSs to provide comments on newly designed RCA Logo that RCARO displayed. RCARO reminded MSs to give comments for final endorsement by 26th RCA NRM in Pakistan.