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(12 Mar. 04) RCARO had a presentation meeting at Daejeon for Korean RCA stakeholders, mostly RCA project coordinators of Korea. Members of RCARO's Technical Advisory Committee also attended. RCARO made presentations on 2005-06 projects and 26th RCA NRM. More than 30 RCA project stakeholders par...
(10 Mar. 04) RCARO had 2004 RCARO Post-doctoral Fellowship (Training) Programme review meeting at RCARO office with representatives from KAERI, KINS and KIRAMS. For 2004, 8 positions were announced and there were total 10 applications from Member States.
(3 Mar. 04) Prof. Dr. Gyuseong Cho, Department of Nuclear and Quantum Engineering and several other faculty members of KAIST visited RCARO and discussed on KAIST/RCARO Master's Degree Course for 2004 and beyond.
(26 Feb. 04) RCARO will equip with an independent new Webserver. Installation of the RCARO website (www.rcaro.org) to the new Webserver will take place from 7:00 pm, 27 Feb. 04 (Friday) for a few hours.
(25 Feb. 04) Mr. Kim, Jin-Kyoung, Director, RCARO recognized the completion of an RCARO Post-doc fellow from Myanmar, Dr Moe Phlu Hlang by presenting a certificate. Dr Hlang has been with KAERI's NAA group for 6 months.