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Completion of 2016 RCARO Fellowship Programme12, August, 2016Ms Eliza Bernardino Enriquez,Senior Science Research Specialist,Philippine Nuclear Research Institute, has completed her assignment as RCARO temporary staff from 16 May to 12 August 2016. We wish her all the best for her better future u...
Dear National RCA Representatives,I am pleased to inform you that the 2016 RCARO/KAERI Introductory Workshop on Radiation Technology and its Applications will be held on 10-21 October 2016 in Daejeon, Republic of Korea, and is now open for nominations to the Government Parties.This workshop, cond...
Updated version of 2013 RCA brochure is available on the RCA website. Please follow the link to access the brochure: http://www.rcaro.org/brochure.
22 June 2016 Dear National RCA Representatives, With the mandate to enhance awareness of the RCA, RCARO has been providing support for RCA experts in their activities which could contribute to promoting the RCA and its activities. In reference to the cycle 2016/2017, I am pleased to invite G...
The 6th batch of RCA Success Storiesis now available on the RCA Website for the use of RCA Government Parties. Please refer to the following link : http://www.rcaro.org/success.