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2006 Programme Announcement
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1. Objectives

To preserve necessary nuclear knowledge through participation in Korea’s major nuclear R&D projects by competent nuclear scientists and engineers from the RCA Member States, whereas preservation of nuclear knowledge becomes a matter of great concern

To contribute to the industrial development and to improve quality of the lives of the Member States through the ample use of nuclear technology

To encourage technology transfer related to the peaceful uses of nuclear energy among RCA Member States in Asia and the Pacific Region

To provide better opportunities for young and qualified scientists of the RCA Member States to participate in the national nuclear R&D projects of Korea

To support national endeavors to develop human resources in nuclear fields of the RCA Member States

To strengthen information exchange between research staffs of the RCA Member States through establishing research network

2. Overview

1) Fields of R&D:

Korea’s major nuclear R&D projects include advanced reactor technology development, nuclear fuel technology development, radioactive waste management technology development, nuclear safety improvement, radiation protection, radioisotope production & radiation application technology development, radio-therapeutics, research on resolution of basic nuclear sciences such as accelerator technology development, etc.

Please refer to Annex 3 for information on the R&D projects offering post-doc. positions in 2005.
2) Number of Applicants:

The National RCA Representatives are requested to recommend up to 2 applicants from their respective countries.
3) Qualifications:

Obtained doctoral degree (Ph.D.* or Sc.D.) in nuclear related field and wishes to complete post-doctoral course (preferably under 40 years old)
* Post MS Degree Fellow(s) can also be acceptable by particular instance.
4) Duration:
6 months (Can be extended additional 6 months when required.)
5) Host Institutes:

Nuclear R&D institutes in Korea responsible for carrying out national nuclear R&D projects (see Annex 3)
6) Financial Support
The host institutes will provide the following costs and expenses to the participants.

A round air-ticket to and from Korea and originating country

1.8 ~ 2.0 million Korean Won per month for living expenses in Korea
(the amount will vary according to the fund availability of the host institute)
Medical insurance fees during stay in Korea
Local travel expenses related to project work

3. Implementation Plan
January 2006

Circulation of programme announcement to all National RCA Representatives to request recommendation of the applicants
January ~ first week of March 2006

To receive applications from the National RCA Representatives of the Member States (see Annex 1 & Annex 2)
- Deadline shall be by the first week of March
March 2006
Selection of fellows(trainees) by the project managers

Acceptance notice to the applicants through the National RCA Representatives by the RCA Regional Office

Travel arrangements for the participants between the project manager and accepted fellows(trainees)
April 2006
The Post-Doctoral Fellowship Programme launches.

◇ For further information and inquiry:

Mr. Ki-Su Yum
RCA Regional Office
Tel: ++82-42-868-2778
Fax: ++82-42-864-1626
Email: ksyum@kaeri.re.kr

Jay Jeong Hoon LEE
Assistant Programme Officer
RCA Regional Office
Tel: ++82-42-868-2779
Fax: ++82-42-864-1626
Email: jaylee@kaeri.re.kr


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