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Vacancy Notice for the Post of the Director of the RCA Regional Office






Vacancy Notice for the Post of
the Director of the RCA Regional Office

1. Duty Station
RCARO which is located in Daejeon, Republic of Korea and within the premises of the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI)

2. Duration of Appointment
Full term is three years and extension of term is possible subject to the approval of a Meeting of National Representatives.

3. Application Deadline
15 March 2022

4. Roles and Functions
The roles and functions of the Director of the RCARO are as follows:

a) To pro-actively seek out opportunities for the RCA to participate in projects being funded by major regional and international donors, including international agencies, in line with the RCA agreement and the RCA Medium Term Strategy,
b) To negotiate and secure funding for RCA projects in line with the RCA Medium Term Strategy,
c) To implement the directives of the RCA Government Parties as agreed by NRs,
d) To promote the application of nuclear techniques to assist in addressing regional and national needs, and
e) To provide enhanced visibility of the achievements of the RCA including in regional and international fora,
f) To liaise on a regular basis with the RCA Focal Person.

5. Qualifications of the Director of the RCARO


a) Educational background and qualification in science/engineering/technology fields,
b) More than 15 years of experience either in administration and policy planning or in advanced research and development activities, preferably nuclear related,
c) Significant experience and knowledge of the workings of the RCA and of the IAEA,
d) Good oral and written communication skills in English,
e) Proven record of achievement related to the described assignments,
f) Excellent interpersonal relations and communication skills, and
g) Knowledge in dealing with international organizations, in particular with regard to project design and development.

a) Knowledge of the organization, structure, financing, and administration of inter-national organizations,
b) Computer literacy and ability to use effectively word processing and office
automation equipment,
c) Experience in presenting and marketing nuclear science and technology to non-specialists, in public relations and funding negotiations, and
d) Sound background in the administration and management of a science and technology organization.

6. Remunerations for the Director
Unless otherwise provided for, the originating Government Party shall be responsible for the salary including the fringe benefits for the Director, based on its own guidelines.

7. Privileges and Immunities
Unless there is a separate agreement on the privileges and immunities established between the host government of the RCA Regional Office and the originating government of the Director, the Director shall observe Korean laws and regulations including taxation. Unless otherwise agreed, the income tax will be compensated for from the budget of the RCA Regional Office. The Member States, particularly the host country, shall offer every possible support to the Director in the exercise of his/her functions.

8. Selection Process
The application shall be evaluated by the Selection Committee.

9. Submission of Application
The application should be submitted to the RCA Regional Office via email, fax or mail through the National RCA Representative by 15 March 2022. Additional documentary evidence may be requested later in support of the application.

10. Contact
For further information, contact the Secretariat of the Selection Committee as below:

RCA Regional Office
Tel: (+82-42)868- 8223
Fax: (+82-42)864-1626
Email: hkjeon@rcaro.org
Website: www.rcaro.org
Address: (34057) Daedeok-daero 989-111, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea


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