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New National RCA Representative of Pakistan
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Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed, Director General of the International Affairs and Training, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission has become the National RCA Representative of Pakistan. He can be contacted at  dg.ia.training@gmail.com.

(For more nformation; http://www.rcaro.org/states) 

IP : 147.43.170.***
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Mr. Masato USUI, Director of the International Nuclear Energy Cooperation Division,Ministry of Foreign Affairs has become the National RCA Representative of Japan. He can be contacted via his email: masato.usui@mofa.go.jp. For more information: http://www.rcaro.org/states
Dr. Nguyen Hao Quang, Vice President of Vet Nam Atomic Energy Istitute(VINATOM)has become the National RCA Representative ofVietnam. He can be contacted atnhquang@vinatom.gov.vn. (For more nformation;http://www.rcaro.org/states)
The Expert Group Meeting to develop Implementation Plan of the RCA Medium Term Strategy (2018-2023) was held in Vienna, Austria from 22 to 26, June, 2015.
Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed, DirectorGeneral of the International Affairs and Training, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commissionhas becomethe National RCA Representative ofPakistan. He can be contacted atdg.ia.training@gmail.com. (For more nformation;http://www.rcaro.org/states)
Meeting Report and its annexes of the 37th NRM are available on the RCA website. Please log in to access the documents. (http://www.rcaro.org/nrm/articles/view/tableid/nrm/id/2591).