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New National RCA Representative of China
Name : rcaro | Date : 2016.02.29 16:04 | Views : 2204

Mr Huang Wei  has become the National RCA Representative of China after being recently appointed to the position of the Director General of the Department of International Cooperation, China Atomic Energy Authority (CAEA) of the Chinese Government. He can be contacted at  huangwei57@yahoo.com.

(For more nformation; http://www.rcaro.org/states)

IP : 147.43.170.***
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Ms Soledad Castaneda, Director of thePhilippine Nuclear Research Institute (PNRI) has become the National RCA Representative of Philippines. She can be contacted at sscastaneda@pnri.dost.gov.ph. (For more nformation;http://www.rcaro.org/states)
Thein-kind contribution template is uploaded on the RCA website for use of the RCA Government Parties. Please refer the following link to access the template: http://rcaro.org/inkind.
Mr Ishtiaq Hussain Bokhari,Director of the International Affairs, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commissionhas becomethe National RCA Representative ofPakistan. He can be contacted atihbokhari@gmail.com. (For more nformation;http://www.rcaro.org/states)
The background documents for the 38th RCA NRM are available on the RCA website (http://www.rcaro.org/nrm/articles/view/tableid/nrm/id/2772). Please log in to access the documents.
Mr Gustav N. Aitaro, Director of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ministry of State of the Palau Government has become the National RCA Representative of Palau. He can be contacted at gaitaro.mos@palaugov.org. ( For more information: www.rcaro.org/states)