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Mr. Cyril Kasige,Directorof theGeneral Scientific Services, Atomic Energy Boardhas become thenewNational RCA Representative ofSri Lanka. He can be contacted vis his email atckasige@aeb.gov.lk. (For more contactinformation; http://www.rcaro.org/states)
Background Papers of the 37th NRM are availableon the RCA website. Other documents will be further updated as soon as they are received. Please refer to the following link for access : http://www.rcaro.org/nrm/articles/view/tableid/nrm/id/2591.
Dr. T. Sakuntala, Memberof theNuclear Controls and Planning wing, Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) has become thenewNational RCA Representative ofIndia. She can be contacted at sakuntala@dae.gov.in. (For more contactinformation; http://www.rcaro.org/states)
Mr. H.G.P. Karunaratne, Former Director, International Cooperation of IAEA and National Liaison Officer (NLO) to IAEA TC, Atomic Energy Authority ofSri Lanka passed away on 5 January 2015. He also worked at the RCARO as a temp staff in 2004. We wish to extend our deepest condolences to his family...
Mr. Zuzaan Damdinsuren has become the National RCA Representative ofMongolia after being recently appointed to the position of the Director of theNuclear and Radiation Regulatory Department,Nuclear Energy Agencyin Mongolia. He can be contacted at z.damdinsuren@nea.gov.mn. (For more nformation;...